We can supply your propagation program with our broad selection of liners.

Over 6 million plants are produced annually: 3 million in our state-of-the-art tissue culture lab and 3 million traditional softwood cuttings and grafts. To prevent damage to stock, all liners are shipped on racks.


Propagation Programs

  • Broadleaf Evergreens (e.g. Pieris, Rhododendrons, Sarcoccoca)
  • Deciduous Hardy Shrubs (e.g. Spiraea, Syringa, Cornus)
  • Conifers (e.g. Chamaecyparis, Juniperus, Thuja)
  • Grasses (e.g. Hakonechloa, Imperata)
  • Grafts (e.g. Acer, Fagus, Picea)
  • Ground Covers (e.g. Arcotostaphylos, Vinca, Cotoneaster)
  • Trees (e.g. Amelanchier, Magnolia, Populus)
  • Blueberries

Liner Sizes Available

  • 2 ¼” (6cm) size for one- or two-gallon transplant
  • 3 ½” (10cm) for groundcovers or custom orders
  • Quart (15cm) for two- or three-gallon transplant of broadleaf evergreens, deciduous shrubs, conifers and slower growing shrubs (available as part of our Custom Growing Program)

Have a special request? Contact us to learn more about our Custom Growing program.