General Questions

  • Can I use Sidhu’s plant pictures and graphics for my retail website?

    Yes, we would like our plants to be listed looking their best. Please call our sales office or contact us to request photos, graphics, promotional material, and other information.

  • Can I tour Sidhu Nursery?

    If you’d like to come and visit us to take a look at our products please call or email and we’d be happy to set up an appointment for a tour. Please contact the sales office or email Due to safety and our mission to reduce plant pathogens, we ask that all customers call ahead and schedule an appointment.

  • Where can I view a priced availability?

    To join our email send-outs please email: with the subject line “Priced Availability”. Include your name, business, and location in the body of the email. For a faxed availability please call our sales office at 1 604-826-3537.

  • Do you sell to the public?

    Sidhu is a wholesale nursery only, we do not have a retail space for community members to buy plants. Our products are available for purchase at many local garden centers.


  • Does Sidhu ship to my area?

    Sidhu ships locally and all throughout North America. We combine orders to fill loads geographically and we can also arrange for cross-continent shipment. For more information please visit our Freight and Delivery page or to contact our Shipping Coordinator, email:

  • Does Sidhu ship year-round?

    Yes, Sidhu ships year-round. For more information please visit our Freight and Delivery page.


  • Does Sidhu take pre-bookings and standing orders?

    Yes, we encourage pre-bookings. For spring orders, we start taking orders early summer, as this gives us ample time to adjust our production goals. If you would like to place a standing order please contact your Sales Representative.

  • Does Sidhu have minimums?

    Yes, Sidhu has minimums per variety/per container size and order minimums for bookings and re-orders of local and non-local orders.  Please visit our Minimum Orders page for more info.

  • Does Sidhu contract grow?

    Yes, for more information on contract growing please contact one of our Sales Representatives.


  • I previously ordered a plant from Sidhu & Sons Nursery which is no longer listed on our website, where can I get more information about the variety I have?

    Sidhu may adjust the plant selection to fit an ever changing market, even if the plant is not listed on our website or availabilities there is a chance we still have a stock plant of the variety. If you would like more information or photos of plants we’ve previously sold, please contact one of our Sales Representatives.

  • What plants will grow best in my hardiness zone?

    On our website under product, search selects your Plant Hardiness of Canada to see what grows best in your zone. For US and international sales or more information please visit our Sales Representatives  page to see who represents your area.