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We’ve worked hard to earn our reputation as one of British Columbia’s most trusted suppliers of certified, disease-free blueberry shrubs. We supply commercial fruit growers, and nursery stock growers/retailers, offering a wide range of superior varieties for whatever the needs may be. To protect our reputation and to make sure our plants are healthy and “true to name”, we DNA test all blueberry shrubs and have in place a preventative SOD & Blueberry Scorch Virus program.


We are the only licensed grower in Western Canada proud to offer University of Minnesota award-winning wine grapes. The exceptional breeding program was initiated in the mid-1980's and is recognized as one of the top wine grape programs in the United States. The goal is to develop high quality, cold hardy and disease resistant grape cultivars. For more information please click the link or email Olivier Nain.


Sidhu and Sons Nursery is proud to carry University of Saskatchewan haskap introductions. The program,considered to be a worldwide leader, produces varieties that are extremely cold hardy, unique tasting and high in antioxitants. Haskaps - also known as Honeyberries are easy-to-grow, vigorous and tolerate a wide range of exposures, soils and pH levels. Plants need companion varieties for best pollination and fruit production.